UNAM Southern Campus gets N.dollars 10 million to construct lecture halls

University of Namibia (UNAM) Vice Chancellor, Prof Kenneth Matengu said N.dollars 10 million has been allocated this year for the construction of lecture halls as part of the first phase of the southern campus development cycle.

Matengu revealed this during the 2024 UNAM Southern Campus graduation ceremony here on Friday, saying more funds are expected over the next two years to ensure that the first phase is completed. The construction of the first of five phases started in 2016 and it has cost Government N.dollars 93 million already.

He said the university, with strong support from the government is convinced that things will change for the better and more and better facilities will be built and more students enrolled.

‘The construction of these facilities will enable UNAM to solidify its position as the scientific and research and development partner for the emerging sectors of oil and gas, green hydrogen and other renewable energy resources as well as the exploration and exploitation of critical minerals that the country is so richly endowed with. We know what the skills gaps are and we will work to address them,’ Matengu said.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, President of Namibia and UNAM Chancellor Nangolo Mbumba said he was concerned about the under representation of graduates from the two southern regions at university level, urging stakeholders to encourage students from the regions to enrol into university.

‘We are doing well nationally, more needs to be done to increase the numbers of graduates in the Hardap and ||Kharas regions. In this context, I would like to strongly appeal to the parents, families, communities, educational officials and councillors to join hands and encourage more students from the southern regions so that we can increase their participation and success at the university level,’ he urged.

Mbumba said the government remains committed to the development and wellbeing of the youth in the southern areas, as well as nationally, adding that the government has lived up to the expectation of ensuring quality education for the youth to use as a tool to empower themselves to advance their lives.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency