Two more arrested in Bank Windhoek fraud case

RUNDU: Two more suspects in the million-dollar fraud case at the Bank Windhoek branch in Opuwo, were apprehended on Thursday.

The Namibian Police Force in the Kavango East Region indicated in their daily crime report Friday that the two were reportedly on the run.

One of the suspects was arrested Thursday morning while trying to withdraw money over the counter and the other was arrested at his residence in the Kaisosi residential area in the afternoon.

The two suspects along with six other suspects who were apprehended earlier, were expected to make their first court appearance in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court before being transported to the Kunene Region, where the case was registered.

They allegedly conspired with Bank Windhoek employee Nico Rebebe, who reportedly transferred N.dollars 200 million to two separate bank accounts on 13 January 2024. Bank Windhoek has since indicated that the potential loss is less than N.dollars 2 million ‘thanks to vigilant staff action and robust systems and controls with
in the bank.’

Bank Windhoek has offered a reward of N.dollars 20 000 to anyone with information that could lead to the successful apprehension of Rebebe.

Source: Namibia Press Agency