County To Help Illicit Brewers Initiate Alternative Income Sources

Close to one thousand illicit brewers identified in Nandi will receive support from the County Government to initiate alternative businesses.

According to Nandi County Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei, 1,196 illegal brewers have been identified across Nandi and plans are underway to support them to embrace income generating activities accepted by the law.

The Deputy Governor noted that illegal brewers will be made to understand the dangers associated with their continued outlawed brewing and how they can change into alternative legal sources of income.

Dr. Mitei expressed her satisfaction that the National Government with support from the County Government of Nandi have helped in implementation of recent laws to control sale and consumption of illicit brews across the county.

She was speaking during the distribution of County bursary cheques at Kipsebwo Vocational Training College, Aldai Constituency.

‘Together with the National Government, we have ensured laws related to bar businesses and illegal brews
are adhered to,’ she said.

Addressing the same event, Nandi South Deputy County Commissioner Mokin Ptang’uny warned that continued consumption of what he termed as ‘changanya’ pure mixture of ethanol and water will destroy lives of people especially youths who are supposed to be working.

Mokin revealed that reports indicate that areas dominated by heavy consumption of illicit brews and uncontrolled licensed bars are known for underdevelopment with high rates of crime.

‘I promise that the government will never relent on this war against illicit brew. All suspected brewing sides will be raided and destroyed,’ he said.

He pleaded with the parents and guardians to support their children to join government sponsored courses at different Vocational Training Colleges now available in almost every ward.

The DCC noted that children who are not in school or colleges normally become victims of illicit brew consumption due to idleness.

Mokin however regretted that the number suicide cases especially among the young
people are on rise.

He revealed that, Nandi South Sub-County alone, 12 people committed suicide in a period of six months, a scenario he described as worrying.

‘As a community we need to take action and see what we can do to reduce suicide cases which are steadily increasing,’ Mokin suggested.

On his side, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang expressed his concern over the rising suicide cases and challenged parents and guardians to assist their children while struggling with the pressure facing the youths.

He said allowing children to express themselves fully without before parents will help reduce cases certain challenges will be solved when open talk sharing comes from the parents.

Sang further noted that the National Government and County Government of Nandi had achieved a lot while solving most of the social challenges facing the people of Nandi.

The Governor revealed that the number of bars operating in Nandi County had reduced significantly following a government directive to close bars near schools and c

Sang led Nandi County leaders and partners at Kipsebwo TVET college, in Aldai to launch Sh120 million bursary cheques to benefit 12,331 students spread in universities, TVET colleges, secondary schools, special need children and those under full scholarship.

Source: Kenya News Agency