Swapo determined to retain two-thirds majority: Kaujova

OPUWO: Swapo Party coordinator for the Kunene Region, Julius Kaujova expressed optimism that the ruling party will win a two-thirds majority in the Presidential and National Assembly (NA) elections set for November 2024.

The upcoming elections will be decisive in determining the strength of Namibia’s political parties, as new presidential candidates are added, and Kaujova believes the ruling party has a good chance of obtaining a two-third majority following the successful launch of its regional and door-to-door campaign at Opuwo over the weekend.

On Tuesday, Kaujova confirmed to Nampa that the ruling party’s regional campaign tactics to canvass support for its candidate and NA members had been officially launched two days ago.

He told this agency in an interview that Swapo organised a successful rally over the weekend, which included a late independence celebration and the welcoming of 40 new members from other political parties.

According to Kaujova, Swapo has fielded an adequate candidate, who enjoys t
he support of the majority, and hence the two-thirds majority is almost certain to be retained.

‘We are certain that Swapo will get the two-third majority. We have the proper candidate, who is popular and supported by people from various political parties. We are shifting the narrative to show that women can be leaders, and we feel that comrade Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is capable of leading this country,’ Kaujova said.

According to Kaujova, having more than two-thirds of the vote validates Swapo’s dominance and reinforces the concept of the powerful Swapo among followers and sympathisers, as well as the people’s faith in the party.

Kaujova stated that the governing party announced the regional campaign over the weekend through its regional leaders, with the approval of the national leaders assigned to Kunene; Jenelly Matundu, Uahekua Herunga and Modestus Amutse.

‘This campaign involves the door-to-door campaign and village-to-village visitation to canvass as much support as we can for the upcoming elections
,’ he added.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency