Stray lion roaming around Katima Mulilo

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism on Monday confirmed reports of two stray lions, a male and female, in areas surrounding Katima Mulilo.

According to the ministry’s spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, the ministry has since put down the male lion, while the female lion escaped.

‘We know that a few livestock were attacked and killed. We also got a report of one person who was attacked and sustained injuries. The incident took place today just on the outskirts of Katima Mulilo, Chefuzwe area from Cowboy location,’ Muyunda said in a statement released on Monday.

He said the ministry’s staff are busy tracking the stray lion.

‘In the meantime we urge communities to remain vigilant, they should report any sighting to the ministry,’ Muyunda said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency