Startups told to seek innovation to provide goods and services to market

National director for the Economy and Business Development of the Ministry for the Economy and Planning (MEP) Nédio dos Santos Tuesday in Luanda urged startups to seek innovation and technology aimed to provide goods and services in the quantity and quality desired by the market.

Startups need to take into account that population growth will demand more goods and services that must be met, he said during the usual MEP briefing.

The recommendation was made at taking stock activity of the 2nd edition of the Angola Startup Summit 2023, held from 27 to 29 April, under the theme, “Innovation and technology as vectors for startups in Angola,”

He noted that the event brought together more than 150 exhibitors from eight provinces across the country and received around 5,000 visitors.

He added that after the Angola Startup Summit 2023, better performance of startups was expected, particularly those that won prizes and that were expected to benefit 10 million kwanzas each.

They will also benefit from a business plan and internationalisation of the startup.

According to the source, FACRA will work with the two winners, with the possibility of investing, depending on a set of indicators to be identified.

The head of Stratup “Bayka Pay”, Lino Muengue, explained that his technological solution makes it possible to organise and identify the parks, so that the driver can freely choose the area where he wants to park.

“The project has legs to move. We are waiting for the day to present the project to the Luanda Provincial Government and we can see its implementation in the city,” he said.

In the 2nd edition of Angola Startup Summit 2023 awards went to the categories “BCI Challenge” – focused on the solution for agribusiness and monitoring the startup until maturity, “MEP Challenge”, consisting of a solution for restaurants that allows access to the bar code, and the category “GPL Challenge”, fell to Stratup “Bayka Pay” – a solution for parking in the country’s capital.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)