Private hospital sued for N.dollars 9.5 million after amputation

WINDHOEK: A resident from Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region is demanding N.dollars 9.5 million in damages from a private hospital after his leg was amputated in 2020, following an alleged misdiagnosis.

Ollins Mulatehi alleges in court documents presented in the Windhoek High Court, that he was admitted to Enkehaus Private Hospital in November 2023 for abdominal pain treatment, where he was wrongly diagnosed with appendix and subsequently operated on ‘unnecessarily’ as the appendix was never removed.

During the surgery, he stressed, an artery was injured, resulting in the blockage of blood flow to his right leg and swelling.

The leg, according to his particulars of claim was declared dead and had to be amputated. A foreman at Nored Katima Mulilo, Mulatehi is demanding compensation because of the resultant medical costs and future medical treatment.

Dr Jeff Swartberg, who was presented as an expert witness on behalf of Mulatehi testified on Thursday that the blockage of blood flow to Mulatehi’s right leg
as well as the cut of supply of oxygen thereof were caused by surgery manipulation, and nothing else.

The hospital’s expert witness, Dr Edward Fynn however insists that there was no arterial incision.

‘Other causes of acute compartment syndrome include burns, vascular injuries, crush injuries, drug overdoses, reperfusion injuries, thrombosis, bleeding disorders, infections, improperly placed casts or splints, tight circumferential bandages, penetrating trauma and intense athletic activity,’ Fynn said.

The matter is before Judge Collins Parker. Profysen Muluti represents Mutalehi, while James Diedericks represents Enkehaus Private Hospital and Dr Kombo Bakashala, who is also listed as a defendant.

Source: Namibia Press Agency