National Symbols Campaign launched at Opuwo

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) launched the National Symbols Campaign in Opuwo on Friday, as part of the National Pride initiative, aiming to raise awareness about the norms and significance of Namibia’s national symbols.

Dr Peya Mushelenga, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, officiated the launch and stressed the importance of the campaign. He highlighted that national anthems foster a sense of community involvement, contrasting with individuality through the use of terms like ‘we’ and ‘our.’

Mushelenga remarked, ‘These words catapult members of a community into a single identity. They instill in the minds of citizens the essence of associative existence.’

He further asserted that a country’s national anthem establishes a connection between the Kunene Region and the rest of Namibia.

‘It binds all of us in a bond of brotherliness and sisterhood. Moreover, singing national anthems invokes reverence for the core values of the nation, such as unity, love and loyalty to the nation. The anthem educates Namibians about the history and geography of their country,’ he said.

According to the minister, the national anthem highlights acts of valour, where individuals made sacrifices, enabling citizens to experience freedom and independence.

‘Hence, we stand up when we sing the anthem to give them our unconditional respect and acknowledge their prominence in our history and their center stage in our victory,’ he added.

Mushelenga stressed that national flags are sacred symbols deserving the utmost respect. Disrespecting national flags, he warned, can lead to serious consequences in certain nations. He noted that national flags have served as potent political symbols for ages, legitimating borders by signifying similarity.

‘Flags are used to bestow honor on allies, but their usage also extends to dishonor or condemn enemies,’ he added.

Furthermore, Mushelenga highlighted the importance of flags in determining sovereignty, citing an international law provision requiring a ship sailing on high seas to be conferred nationality of the country under which it is registered and fly that state’s flag. He also pointed out that flags are common sights at international sporting events, where athletes proudly carry their respective national flags.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency