Police leadership development course starts in Tsumeb

TSUMEB: The Namibian Police Force’s Inspector General, Lieutenant-General Joseph Shikongo, has urged police officers not to disregard society during their tenure in the police system.

Speaking on Monday during the opening of a leadership development training course attended by deputy commissioners at Tsumeb, Shikongo stressed the importance of officers acknowledging their connection to society while in uniform.

He said they should recognise their roots and remember that they will eventually return to the community upon retirement.

‘Your work is temporary and when you go back to society your people will not disown you, so you must go there as a hero,’ said Shikongo.

The inspector general emphasised the importance of serving society with humility and integrity, regardless of their current position within the police force.

Shikongo also noted instances where some who were part of the system, criticise the force once they retire.

‘Some former police detectives who are now farmers are bitter, complaining abo
ut stock theft and saying the police force is not doing anything, but forgetting that they were once part of the system,’ he said.

Shikongo urged officers to proactively address concerns within the system and emphasised the need for improvement while still part of the system to avoid negative consequences after leaving.

The five-day leadership development course is being attended by 22 deputy commissioners. The training amongst others focuses on challenging expectations, fostering innovation and developing leadership skills centered on integrity, resilience, and compassion.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency