Otjiwarongo taxi operators demand improved municipal services

More than 300 taxi operators at Otjiwarongo on Tuesday staged a peaceful demonstration against the municipality’s alleged poor services, particularly concerning road maintenance and the lack of designated taxi ranks.

The group marched from the Orwetoveni residential area to the municipality office complex where they handed over a petition to Mayor Gottlieb Shivute.

In their petition, the taxi drivers expressed concern over the potholes in nearly every street around town on both tar and gravel roads.

They demanded that local authority councillors take their duty of serving the community seriously, especially with regards to road maintenance.

‘We have heard enough of that saying that the budget is not enough, yet the conditions of our roads remain in a bad state. We would like to be involved in this matter as taxi drivers since we are the ones who are affected,’ they said.

The group also wanted to know when designated taxi ranks will be established.

‘Also explain to us the use of these taxi numbers you ar
e charging N.dollars 350 for annually. We do not understand the meaning and how that money is being used to benefit the town at large,’ they said.

The group then gave the municipality until 17 April 2024 to respond to their concerns.

In his response, Mayor Shivute informed the group to expect answers to their concerns by next week.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency