Coastal Infrastructure Terminals employees receive salary increase

Employees of Coastal Infrastructure Terminals Namibia have received a salary increase of 7 and 6.75 per cent, respectively.

The increase of 7 per cent is effective on the basic salary of each employee who falls within the category of operator (excluding senior operators), while 6.75 per cent was added onto the salaries of all other category employees within the bargaining unit.

This was cemented through the signing of a wage agreement between the employers and the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) at Walvis Bay on Thursday.

Coastal Infrastructure Terminals Namibia is a Walvis Bay-based company responsible for bulk storage and distribution of fuel, with a smaller branch in Lderitz.

An additional 7 and 6.75 per cent, respectively, have also been added to the housing allowance of the employees within the bargaining unit.

The increase is effective from January 2024 and employees will receive back pay for the months already lapsed for this year, subject to the employee being in the employment of the employe
r at the date of payment.

MUN secretary general Fillepus Ampweya who represented the union commended the parties, noting that this was a milestone agreement for the union because, in addition to the salary agreement, the two parties also signed a recognition and procedural agreement.

‘This is rare because you do not usually get employers who will want you to sign the recognition agreement after a wage agreement. Usually, they will want to only sign the recognition agreement and then only perhaps after a couple of negotiations, would you be able to sign a wage agreement,’ Ampweya said.

He further stressed that the MUN continues to provide premium service to its members with specific emphasis on advocacy for sustainable and conducive working conditions.

On behalf of the employees, the chairman of the MUN branch executive committee Bornbright Mubiana hailed all parties involved in the negotiations for their patience, maturity and consideration.

‘Although the process of negotiations took slightly longer than
we would have liked, we are glad we could reach an amicable agreement for both employees and employer,’ Mubiana said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency