Ondangwa exhibition receives financial boost

A well-attended gala dinner held on Saturday to raise funds for the Ondangwa Trade and Industrial Exhibition (OTIE) collected over N.dollars 500 000 in cash and pledges.

RedForce pledged the highest amount of N.dollars 100 000, followed by First National Bank with N.dollars 80 000 and Ondangwa Private Hospital donating N.dollars 30 000.

In a speech read on her behalf, Minister of Industrialisation and Trade Lucia Iipumbu said Ondangwa continued to break barriers and remain on a positive growth trajectory as a result of its able and decisive leadership.

According to Iipumbu, as a ministry they are aware of various developmental aspirations and initiatives of the town and are fully in support thereof as they continue to engage at various platforms to forge collaborations.

She said that the 2024 edition of the trade fair presents significant potential to promote and showcase what this town and Oshana Region have to offer to business persons, traders, travellers and the general public.

‘It is our expectation that visitors and traders alike will be treated among others to the region’s cultural heritage and traditions, arts and crafts and various agricultural goods,’ she said.

She added that it will especially benefit local entrepreneurs, giving them a chance to display and sell what they are able to grow, create and produce.

Moreover, Iipumbu indicated that the government through her ministry will continue to encourage and support local entrepreneurship through the ‘Growth at Home’ concept.

She explained that the concept has been developed and implemented specifically for the purpose to boost local production and consumption.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency