Onawa, Omashaka to get police sub-stations

ONDANDWA: The Oshakati and Ondangwa Town Councils have availed pieces of land for the construction of the sub-stations at Onawa reception in Oshakati and Omashaka location at Ondangwa to ensure crime prevention in the two areas.

This comes after multiple complaints of criminal activity were filed with the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at the two relocations.

NamPol Inspector-General, Joseph Shikongo, reaffirmed the force’s commitment to providing high-quality services and ensured their readiness to provide services to the community.

‘I will make sure that we assign the community the necessary personnel to provide the necessary services on the ground. I have the manpower,’ he said.

He added that with the assistance of the community, they can work together and reduce crime in the region, as this will not only service the community of the two locations, but also the surrounding areas.

Shikongo then challenged the community to stop protecting criminals and instead take a stand against crime by identifying a
nd reporting those responsible.

For Onawa reception sub-station, Sash Trading Company as one of the donors, donated a containerized charge office, a fence, ablution facilities and shade nets all valued at about N.dollars 200 000.

Meanwhile, Multilevel Property Development donated N.dollars 3 million for the construction of the infrastructure, with work expected to commence as soon as possible.

Ondangwa Mayor, Paavo Amwele, indicated that of the land for the Satellite Police station that was availed by council, measures 1750 square meters and is located in Omashaka.

Amwele stated that after a thorough analysis, council took a decision to avail a bigger portion of land and to that effect they availed additional 4479 square meters, bringing a total size to 6229 square meters.

Oshana Governor, Elia Irimari, indicated that the construction of the police sub-station signifies a significant milestone in the region’s ongoing efforts to enhance law enforcement and crime prevention.

Source: Namibia Press Agency