Oluno Correctional Facility releases 11 first-time offenders

ONDANGWA: Eleven inmates were released from the Oluno Correctional Facility on Wednesday, following the Community Advisory Council’s (CAC) decision to assist first-time offenders with sentences ranging from six to three months or fines not exceeding N.dollars 1 000.

CAC Chairperson Chika Sitambi said the aim was to offer those with small fines a chance to improve their lives.

Sitambi indicated that 11 inmates were identified, and funds were provided by local businessman Ali Dharani, contributing N.dollars 6 224.99, and the Ongwediva Christian Baptist Church, contributing N.dollar 580.60, for the release of selected offenders.

‘We hope the offenders don’t come back to this facility and turn their lives around for good,’ he said.

Sitambi also called on them to address the issue of unemployment and social ills that he believes are the root cause of several petty criminal offences.

Assistant Commissioner Andreas Mundjenge stated that the offences committed by the offenders included housebreaking, theft, and stock theft.

He said their release would alleviate the facility’s overcrowding issue as it has a capacity of 569 but currently houses over 700 inmates.

Beneficiary Saara Uugwanga, a first-time offender who was released along with 10 male offenders, pleaded for forgiveness and expressed regret for her actions.

‘Please find it in your heart to forgive us and welcome us back into the community with open hearts. I personally regret my actions and I look forward to doing better in future,’ she said.

At the same occasion, 18 female offenders and seven juveniles were also given hampers as Christmas gifts by the CAC.
Source: NAMPA