Okongo councillor urges caution after electrocution incident

Okongo Constituency Councillor Efraim Shipindo has urged residents to refrain from climbing electricity poles or transmission lines as it can cause serious injuries or even death.

Shipindo’s plea follows an incident involving two young boys, aged 11 and 14, who suffered severe electrocution injuries after climbing power lines at Oshakati Shakatelenga village within the Okongo area.

The incident occurred on Wednesday while they were supposed to be tending to goats. They however began playing and climbed onto an electricity pole, resulting in the electrocution.

‘The two victims sustained significant injuries and are currently receiving treatment at Okongo State Hospital. Fortunately, their conditions are reported to be stable,’ Shipindo said.

The councillor said Northern Region Electricity Distributor (Nored) officials were called in to investigate the cause of the electric shock. Initial findings suggest that the incident was not due to technical faults, but rather suspected tampering with the electric ca
bles by the boys.

Shipindo emphasised the importance of parental guidance in educating children about the hazards of electricity to prevent such accidents.

Meanwhile Nored spokesperson, Simon Lukas, expressed concern over the incident and also said they want to encourage parents to assist them in educating children about the danger associated with electricity, as well as to caution them to stop playing with electrical infrastructure.

He said Nored will continue its public education and awareness initiatives, including visits to various schools in the region in order to educate, sensitise, and raise awareness among learners regarding the potential dangers of electricity.

Source: Namibia Press Agency