Death of patient in Oshakati State Hospital psychiatric ward under investigation

A 16-year-old boy was reportedly discovered dead in the Oshakati State Hospital’s psychiatric ward on Wednesday after another patient allegedly jumped on him.

Namibian Police Force community affairs officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo said the deceased was identified as Karel Ndakolo.

According to Aiyambo, Ndakolo was allegedly found unconscious on the floor by a nurse while a fellow patient was jumping on his stomach.

‘The nurse went to look for manpower in order to remove the patient from the deceased since he was violent. After that he was locked up in an isolation room and that is when a doctor was called in, who declared the boy dead,’ he said.

Aiyambo said the deceased was mentally challenged and was admitted to the Oshakati State Hospital on Monday after he was referred from the Onandjokwe State Hospital.

He added that no bruises or any injuries were detected on the body of the deceased apart from a little blood that came from his mouth and nose.

Aiyambo said no inquest or case is opened yet, pend
ing the post-mortem.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency