NIP ordered to pay former CEO N.dollars 2.5 million

WINDHOEK: The former chief executive officer of the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP), Augustinus Katiti scored a victory in the Windhoek High Court on Friday, after the NIP was ordered to pay him N.dollars 2 494 328.

Katiti was initially suing the parastatal for N.dollars 3.8 million after his employment contract was terminated in 2018. He was accused of corruption, amongst others. According to him, the agreement between him and the NIP was that in the event his employment is terminated, he was entitled to a once-off payout, to bar him from working for competitors of the NIP for a period of two years.

Katiti was employed as the NIP CEO since 2014 and earned an annual salary of N.dollars 1 500 000. At the time of his suspension, the amount had increased to N.dollars 1 918 714.

Presiding Judge Hannelie Prinsloo also ordered that NIP pays Katiti’s legal fees.

Source: Namibia Press Agency