Nantu empowering unemployed teachers with job search assistance

The Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) has called on unemployed teachers to register with their regional offices for assistance in finding employment and developing valuable skills.

Nantu secretary general, Loide Shaanika in an interview on Wednesday highlighted the union’s commitment to supporting teachers in finding employment, amongst others through coaching in how to conduct themselves during job interviews.

‘Many unemployed teachers have neglected our office, which has limited their chances of employment. In the past, teachers who have registered themselves with the organisation have successfully gotten employment,’ she said.

Shaanika said by registering, they can access guidance and resources to improve their job prospects as Nantu offers psychological and social support to members.

‘Unemployed teachers go through a lot when they are looking for jobs so we try to encourage them and teach them modern skills, especially for the fourth industrial revolution which is the future,’ said the secretary

She also urged teachers to understand where the world is going and to educate and mentor learners on career development.

‘The world is moving forward and as teachers, we need to put a lot of emphasis on career development so we can shape a good future for our learners,’ Shaanika said.

She said with emphasis on career development can help to reduce unemployment in future.

‘Learners will be mentored on careers that can help them secure employment instead of career choices that will leave them on the streets,’ said Shaanika.

Shaanika also said that they are planning on advising the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture on the school curriculum so it can incorporate more training opportunities that are relevant to the modern era.

‘We want to advise the government to develop more vocational training centres because vocational training is the future,’ said Shaanika.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency