Namubes retains Swakopmund Mayoralship

SWAKOPMUND: Independent Patriot for Change’s (IPC) Dina Namubes and United Democratic Front’s (UDF) David Am-!gabeb were re-elected as Swakopmund’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively on Tuesday.

The elections follow the postponement of another election held on 30 November, which resulted in a tie between Namubes and Matthias Henrichsen of the Swakopmund Resident’s Association (SRA).

In her acceptance speech, Namubes expressed that the Swakopmund council faces its differences and disagreements like any other and theirs is unique and different from the others because, at the end of the day, solutions are in unison for the better of the residents.

‘I therefore once again have the honour of serving this incredible community, which we value greatly and who never hesitates to ask questions, offer advice, and encouragement, or stand with us through good or bad times.

In order to restore your and everyone’s human dignity, I promise to humbly serve you with dignity, by abiding by the rule of law. Our duty is to e
nsure the well-being of the residents of Swakopmund, and to accomplish our future objectives, the council will continue cooperating with all relevant parties,’ she stated.

Landless People’s Movement Blasius Goraseb was elected as the Chairperson of the Management Committee (MC), with SRA’s Wilfried Groenewald as the alternate chairperson of the MC.

Meanwhile, Henrichsen, and IPC’s Peter Shimhanda are both MC members while IPC’s Claus Goldbeck is an alternative member.

Swapo’s Suoma Kautondokwa, Hafeni Nghidipaya and Erkkie Shitana are all ordinary council members.
Source: Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA)