Murirua Kaaheke memorial tourney this weekend

A football and netball tournament in honour of the former head of the Kambekua Sports Association (KSA), Mannfredt ‘Molaiks’ Murirua-Kaaheke, will take place at the Khomasdal stadium in Windhoek this weekend.

Kumbee Ngakuzevi, president of the Namibia Rural Sports Development Federation (NRSDF), confirmed the tournament to Nampa on Thursday, stating that the tournament’s initial purpose is to pay tribute to one of Namibia’s icons and legends in football management who paved the way for most of the former football prodigies.

‘Kaaheke was an ardent advocate of grassroots sports and his stint as president of the Kambekura All Stars football club was unparalleled. During his heyday, Kaaheke played a vital role in recruiting and managing new talent at Hungry Lions Football Club, commonly known as the Lions of Judah,’ he said.

Kaaheke died in 2001.

The competition will include 10 football teams namely the Sesfontein, Omongua, Opuwo, Epupa, Okondjatu, Epukiro, Otjinene, Otjituuo, Okakarara, and Ovitoto All-Star

Only eight netball teams have been selected for the competition on Saturday.

In the netball category, Okondjatu will face the Epukiro All Stars netball team in the opening encounter on Saturday, followed by Omongua and Otjinene. The players from Okotjiuuo will face Epupa, while the Ovitoto All-Stars will face the Okakarara squad.

In the football category, former Federation All-Stars tournament winners Sesfontein All-Stars will face Otjinene All-Stars followed by the Otjituuo and Omongua All-Stars, while Okakarara will take on Opuwo All-Stars later in the day. Okondjatu’s youthful team will play Epupa, while Ovitoto All-Stars will put their strength to the test against the tournament’s strong force, the Epukiro All-Stars.

A total of N.dollars 40 000 has been set aside for the tournament, with N.dollars 28 000 going to the football category and the remaining N.dollars 12 000 going to the top four netball teams.

The football champions will walk away with N.dollars 14 000, the runner-up with N.dollars 7 0
00, and the semi-final losers will each settle for N.dollars 3 500 for their efforts.

The winning netball team will walk away with N.dollars 6 000 while the runner-up will receive N.dollars 3 000, and the semi-final losers will each receive N.dollars 1 500.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency