Mozambique: Three Detained With Severed Head

Maputo – The Mozambican police on Wednesday detained three young men in possession of the severed head of a 12 year old child in Muxungue, in the central province of Sofala, reports the Beira daily paper “Diario de Mocambique”.

The three have been named as Joaquim Mangueriane (20), Moises Zacarias (25) and Alberto Mandogue (24). They are facing charges of murder and trafficking in human body parts

Luis Cidiane Nhamzoze, the administrator of Chibabava district, where Muxungue is located, told reporters that the child was murdered on Tuesday morning. He was decapitated in the house of one of the murderers.

The murder was uncovered after a tip-off, when the three killers, carrying a coldbox containing the severed head, were going to meet with the man who had promised to buy the head. The buyers has not yet been publicly identified, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Nhamzoze said that, under interrogation, the killers claimed they did not know the buyer. They had been hired for the murder and would have been paid a sum of money which they did not specify. “We are working with the criminals so that they tell us who their employer is who promised them money in exchange for human body parts”, said the administrator.

The rest of the child’s body was found in a local cemetery.

The corpse is now in the morgue at Muxungue Rural Hospital, and efforts are under way to locate the child’s relatives.

Source: All Africa