Robber chanties vs Khaibasen PST bet game to be played behind closed doors

Robber Chanties versus Khaibasen PST Bet preliminary round match will be completed behind closed doors on Wednesday, Kunene Football League officials have confirmed.

League administrator, Bola Nangombe, stated in a statement on Wednesday that the game will determine the region’s champion, to face African Stars in the round 32 of the PST Bet Namibia Football Association (NFA) cup.

Two weeks earlier, Robber Chanties were leading 1-0 at the Etoshapoort stadium in Outjo on a Sunday evening when the game was abandoned in the 68th minute after fans of dissatisfied Khaibasen came onto the pitch in retaliation for the referees’ alleged refereeing errors, bringing the game to an end.

Some of the players were reportedly involved in a fist fight, resulting in the league ‘s administration abandoning the game.

According to Nangombe, the match will now be conducted under severe security conditions, with no fans allowed at the stadium.

‘No fans will be allowed in the stadium. That means the match will be played under t
his strict regulation and supporters are only allowed to be in the radius of 500 meters outside the stadium due to security reasons,’ noted Nangombe.

He also urged the management of both teams to maintain discipline and follow security guidelines in order to prevent embarrassment and bring the names of PST Bet, NFA, and KFL into disrepute.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency