MEFT assures that hippo situation in Zambezi is under control

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) has assured the public that there is currently no need for fear over the hippo situation in the Zambezi Region, since measures are being implemented.

This comes amid concern sparked by reports on Monday of more than 100 hippos stranded in the muddy waters along the Chobe and Linyanti rivers in the Zambezi Region.

MEFT spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda on Tuesday said the measures they are implementing are to ensure that the hippos have enough water to survive until the next flood season.

In 2019, the ministry built a borehole and purchased a generator pump for pumping water into the pond. Since then, this pump and generator have continuously provided assistance whenever there is a need for water.

Muyunda said the ministry earlier this year engaged the wildlife authority for Botswana to jointly intervene in regard to the same situation of the hippos.

The Botswana authority then committed to supply an extra generator and fuel to pump water. Curre
ntly there are two generators pumping water into the pond, he said.

Muyunda stated that there has been improvement in the water level since the two generators started pumping and added that to further improve on the situation, they installed a solar system to pump water during the day, and only pump with the generators at night.

‘With this arrangement, the idea is to provide the hippos with sufficient water to be able to survive until the next flood season and not necessarily to fill up the pond completely,’ he said.

He added that there has not been inflow of water in the pond this year due to poor rainfall patterns.

‘But we are committed to ensuring the survival of the hippos. We will continue to monitor the situation and devise appropriate measures as the situation dictates,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency