Moxico: Defence minister in Moxico to inaugurate Chiumbue dam

Luena – The National Defence minister, JoAPound o Lourenco, arrived last Tuesday in Luena City, eastern Moxico Province, for a 24-hour work visit, during which he will inaugurate, on Wednesday, the Chiumbue hydroelectric dam, located in the Dala Municipality, in the neighbouring Lunda Sul Province.

On his arrival in Luena’s Comandante Dangereux Airport, JoAPound o Lourenco -who travelled from the central Huambo Province, where he presided over the main national ceremony in celebration of the National Peace and Reconciliation, marked o april 04 – was welcomed by the Moxico Province governor JoAPound o Ernesto dos Santos “Liberdade”.

The Chiumbue dam, which started to be built in 1981, will benefit the population of Dala (Lunda Sul), Camanongue and Luena (both in Moxico).

Source: Angola Press News Agency