Mbumba inaugurates Hyphen masts worth N.dollars 40 million

President Nangolo Mbumba on Saturday inaugurated 10 meteorological masts in the Tsau ?Khaeb National Park, that are part of the pre-feasibility study of the envisaged green hydrogen project.

The 10 meteorological masts which are about 120 metres from ground level, were installed by Hyphen at a cost of N.dollars 40 million.

Speaking at the site Mbumba said: ‘We need clear support from all stakeholders, but we should be careful with the environment, we have never seen these metal things here before and the message should go out that green hydrogen is going to take place.’

The meteorological masts are part of the pre-feasibility study of the green hydrogen project and will run for 12 months before the actual feasibility study starts.

Hyphen’s head of communications and stakeholder relations, Ricardo |Gôagoseb in an interview with the media said the purpose of the meteorological masts is to accurately understand the renewable energy potential of the site, adding that the masts have sensors on them that measure the strength of the wind potential and solar energy potential.

‘The production of green hydrogen will require electricity, wind power and solar power, so the met masts are placed there to measure both the sun and the wind and that will happen over a period of time, and then we will use that information to increase the bankability of the project,’ he said.

‘These are the risks Hyphen is taking because they believe in the potential of the project, these met masts are to increase the bankability, we know the potential that the space has, nobody is going to put in N.dollars 40 million to build an infrastructure where there is a possibility that it is not bankable,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency