Mbumba calls for peace during Christmas

WINDHOEK: Vice President Nangolo Mbumba on Monday said that Namibians should use this festive season to share their Christmas with their less fortunate brothers, sisters, the elderly and children.

In a statement issued by the Presidency as part of the annual Christmas briefing, Mbumba noted that it is ironic and saddening that this year the land where Jesus Christ was born in is in the middle of a terrible war, and that fewer Christians will be able to visit Bethlehem this festive season.

‘At the same time, we call upon those involved in wars to uphold the fundamental values of human rights, love for mankind and justice. Let us therefore spread the message of peace around the world. On this day of Christmas 2023, we need peace in our country as well as all over the world,’ the vice president noted.

‘As we celebrate Christmas, some of our fellow citizens are bracing for the mammoth task of national responsibilities. Our national nurses, medical doctors, and many other health specialists are ensuring that ou
r hospitals are open and ready to provide adequate care to all those who most need them,’ he continued.

‘Security cluster members such as the Namibian Police, Namibian Defence Force and Central Intelligence Service are on alert to ensure that all Namibians enjoy the festive season in an atmosphere of peace and harmony,’ Mbumba said.

He said that though Christmas is a time of celebration, ‘we should never relent on our responsibilities that we should avoid the abuse of alcohol and its associated negative vices such as gender-based violence. Let us abide by the road regulations so that we can avoid unnecessary accidents and deaths’.
Source: The Namibia Press Agency