Lunda Norte: Ruling party pushes for diversified economy – Presidential candidate

The pledge came from the party’s candidate for President of Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, when speaking Monday at the opening ceremony of the 15th National Holidays Campus for University Students (CANFEU) in eastern Lunda Norte province.

Also vice President of the ruling MPLA party, JoAPound o Lourenco, said that his party is committed seriously to training of staff and will continue to focus on a higher degree of quality of trainees.

For MPLA, the commitment to the higher education and quality technical-professional training is a key to increase the market efficiency to ensure production of goods and services, work, development of the financial, scientific, technological and innovation system, he noted.

The official also said that in order to combat underdevelopment, hunger and poverty, the country does not need to cry out for more land and more natural resources, because the it has all this

in abundance.

Angola, the politician stressed, should focus on quantity and quality training of technicians and senior staff to organise society, businesses and place the wealth at the service of development, prosperity and well-being.

“We need a model of higher education capable to compete in the regional and international context and which responds to the growing demand of the labour market,” said the head of the MPLA list to the 2017 General Elections.

JoAPound o Lourenco proposes to invest in the Angolan man, according to him, the main agent in the change of the country.

In his view, the young people will play a decisive role in building a better future for Angola and its people.

The official called on the youths to focus on the studies, acquiring the necessary knowledge that will enable them take up responsibilities of the great project, the Nation.

The politician also acknowledged the young people’s leading role in the struggle for national liberation.

According to him, the youths fought for the maintenance of national sovereignty and today they represent the main work force in the main fronts of national reconstruction.

JoAPound o Lourenco said that he continue to rely on the strength and intelligence of young people for development of the Angolan economy, aimed at building a better Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency