Leonardville Faces Land Servicing Challenge

Leonardville, a village in the Omaheke Region, is grappling with the significant challenge of land allocation.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), village council chairperson Petra Witbooi. Witbooi revealed the growing demand for land, with numerous applications from institutions and individuals, including 300 from the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia and 91 from the Build Together program.

The village, on the verge of becoming a town, is facing hurdles including generational debts and the high cost of hiring technical expertise from outside. The presence of hard rocks and the lack of proper equipment further complicate the situation.

The council is actively seeking solutions beyond government support, anticipating the positive impact of new developments like uranium mining. This initiative is expected to generate employment, attract investors, enhance revenue collection, and improve housing and infrastructure.

Additionally, Leonardville owes over N.dollars 8 million to utility service providers NamWater and NamPower. Arrangements have been made to pay a portion of this debt monthly, with a commitment to pay NamPower N.dollars 300,000 on top of their regular bills, totaling around N.dollars 500,000 per month. Witbooi emphasized the absence of private companies in debt collection for the council.