Crack Down Of Illicit Brews Intensifies In Homa Bay County

Over 190 people have been arrested and charged in courts over production and consumption of illicit brews in Homa Bay County.

The County Commissioner (CC) Moses Lilan said the crackdown of the brews have been intensified with 203 no-compliant alcohol outlets closed down.

The outlets include bars, wine shops and dens which sell alcohol without following the due process.

Lilan said that following the raids conducted in the last 20 days, security officials also confiscated various illicit alcoholic drinks.

They include 43,830 liters of Kangara, 1468 liters of Changaa and 340 liters of Busaa.

‘We have arrested close to 200 culprits abetting consumption of the illicit brews and have been charged in various courts in the county,’ the administrator said.

Lilan spoke Thursday while touring Rachuonyo North, Rachuonyo South, Rachuonyo East and Rangwe sub-counties to meet security officials and inspect government projects.

The CC who was accompanied by the County Police Commander Samson Kinne and Prisons Officer
in Charge Robert Basigwa said they will not relent in the fight against illicit brews in the area.

‘We must win the war against illicit brews because we have all the machinery needed to subdue it,’ Lilan said.

The administrator said he had organised a multisectoral approach between Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and the police to ensure seamless operations in combating the vice.

‘We are fighting this war through concerted efforts of our security apparatus to end the illicit brews in our county,’ Lilan said.

However, he warned Chiefs and police officers against being compromised by those producing or selling the brews.

Lilan warned that any officer involved in any misconduct will lose their jobs.

‘I want all our officers to uphold integrity by standing firmly against the brews. At least 99 per cent of our officers are honest but the remaining one percent is on notice that they have to support this war or lose their jobs,’ Lilan said.

He said their objective is to establish illicit brew free sub-locations. Thi
s will help to weed out production and consumption of the brews in the county.

He told residents to shun alcohol since it is a recipe for crime and under development.

‘Consumption of alcohol is an enemy of economic development. It also encourages crime. Let residents desist from alcohol,’ Lilan said.

The administrator also told residents to be on high alert over expected flooding in some parts of the county.

He told farmers to source subsidised fertilisers to boost production.

Lilan however told the farmers to report to authorities any suspicious fertilisers which could be fake.

Source: Kenya News Agency