||Kharas fails to elect new exco members for second division league

KARASBURG: A faction of the ||Kharas football second division league has elected an interim Executive Committee (exco) after members failed to elect new exco members.

The members were expected to elect new exco members here on Saturday after the term of the previous exco members ended on the same day. The meeting was attended by members from 19 teams that play for the second division in the region.

After 10 hours of deliberation and members not reaching any decision, some members voted that the outgoing exco members be removed from the meeting, as they said they had lost confidence in them.

Members thereafter decided to constitute an interim exco chaired by Owen Vlees and deputised by Haitange Namhindo, with Jimms Christiaan, Harry Jahs and Johan Van Wyk as additional members.

Speaking to Nampa after the meeting, Vlees said the interim committee will consult with the Namibia Football Association (NFA) on the way forward to ensure that the elections of new exco members take place fairly.

‘We have come her
e to vote and it seems some of the former exco members did not want that and purposefully brought up unnecessary petty issues, so we have lost trust in them and resolved to elect an interim committee that will oversee the election process being done the right. We want football to win and we can no longer allow it to be held hostage by individuals,’ said Vlees.

The outgoing exco members are Nattie Cloete as chairperson, Andries Wimmerth as vice chairperson and Emrico Blaauw as secretary, while Franklin Rhode, Suzel Cloete, Renaldo De Klerk, Elina Stephanus, Gabriel Sheehama and Deon Gertze were additional members.

Meanwhile, some members did not allow ||Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick, who is the patron of the second division league, to address them ahead of the elections, saying as a politician, Frederick should not interfere with football matters.

The NFA’s interim general secretary Johan Traut said he could not comment when contacted by this news agency.

‘I cannot comment on that at the moment because
I have not received anything in that regard,’ Traut said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency