Kambiti Maternity Ward

Expecting mothers in bigger parts of Kambiti ward were relieved after a new maternity ward was commissioned at Mihang’o Health Centre.

The fully equipped ward that was commissioned by Governor Irungu Kang’ata will relieve the mothers from seeking maternity services from health facilities in Maragua, Kenol and Thika towns.

Kang’ata said the ward was built and equipped by the county administration as a way of taking development projects to the grassroots.

He noted medical officers will be increased in the health centre to ensure there is improved service delivery.

‘The ward will spare our mothers from travelling to Maragua rural hospital or Murang’a Level-5 – 5 hospitals to access maternity services. The county government in the recent past has been commissioning maternity wards to health centres serving the rural population,’ he added.

The health centre, Kang’ata noted, will also be connected with clean water after launching a borehole.

He said the borehole will ensure the health facility gets water cont
inuously adding that a local primary school and area residents will be able to access clean water.

‘The borehole we have commissioned today will ensure the hospital has water continuously and also other local social facilities and residents will be able to access water,’ he stated.

Meanwhile, the county administration also launched a water project in the Kamahuha ward where hundreds of households are set to be connected to clean water.

Kang’ata noted the water which is drawn from parts of Kigumo, will be distributed to local homesteads observing that wards in the Maragua Constituency have low water coverage.

‘The project is aimed to increase water coverage in this area and the county government will partner with Murang’a Water and Sanitation Company to distribute water to local homesteads,’ he added.

A section of residents hailed the projects but asked the county government to ensure the water tariffs were reasonable.

‘We are grateful for the water project but our plea to the county government is to ens
ure the levies charged on the water are reasonable and which the majority of locals can afford,’ said Leah Wanjiku.

The water project is earmarked to benefit the Saba Saba, Mihang’o, Manyatta and Wathiani areas.

Source: Kenya News Agency