Kamanjab offers 24 per cent discount incentive to ratepayers

OPUWO: The Kamanjab Village Council has resolved to offer a 24 per cent discount on outstanding water bills to motivate defaulting residents to settle their outstanding balances.

Defaulting consumers owe the council N.dollars 7 million in unpaid water bills, with some outstanding amounts dating back more than 30 years.

Kamanjab Village Council accounting officer Jogen Arnold /Urib confirmed the decision in an interview with Nampa on Friday, saying it is part of the council’s debt collection strategy.

‘It’s part of our debt collection strategy and yes, to encourage residents to fulfill their obligations,’ he said.

According to /Urib, Kamanjab owes Namwater N.dollars 3.5 million, while overall debt to other suppliers and contractors totals N.dollars 14 million. He also indicated that the 24 per cent incentive will boost the council’s cash flow and wage analysis, while placing residents in a better position to pay off their outstanding debts.

/Urib further noted that the council’s borehole drilling project
will allow them to save money on water because the council will be able to supply water directly to residents.

‘We now have our own water source, which will enhance our existing water supply and reduce losses. Plus, the Kamanjab Village Council received funds from the government in December last year to replace COVID-19 water losses, and we must do the same for our consumers because our budget is zero-based,’ concluded /Urib.

Source: Namibia Press Agency