Justice minister calls on judges for sense of ethics, responsibility

Luanda – The Justice and Human Rights minister, Rui Jorge Carneiro Mangueira, Monday in Luanda asked the magistrates to conduct with ethics and responsibility their duties.

Rui Mangueira was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2017 Training year of the National Institute of Judicial Studies (INEJ), which will have a frequency of 200 candidates for magistrates.

He said that the profession requires a high culture of citizenship, ethics, deontology, zeal, exemption and common sense, and should therefore be a moral reserve of society.

To him it is essential to focus on continuous training in order to avoid some harmful practices that have been observed in certain legal practitioners.

The minister calls on the justice practitioner to get values such as humility, believing that one can always learn and “that no one is so small that he cannot teach”, an expression repeated by the audience, which included magistrates, national directors and auditors.

Rui Mangueira said that 724 magistrates, of whom 359 judiciaries and the rest of the public prosecutors trained by INEJ, are still insufficient to the needs of the country.

Judge Pascoal Joaquim, in his lecture on the “profile of the magistrate in contemporary society”, emphasized that it is a profession that requires seriousness, self-denial, strong self-esteem, common sense and responsibility.

The National Institute of Judicial Studies has the mission of providing the necessary training for the judiciary and other functions of the justice sector, with quality, rigor and professionalism.

Source: Angola Press News Agency