Jagger calls on all stakeholders to police the misuse of social grants

Gender equality, poverty eradication and social welfare Deputy Minister, Bernadette Jagger, called for a strong collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure that grants are used for their intended purpose, which is to uplift the most vulnerable out of extreme poverty.

Jagger, while launching a sensitisation campaign on the misuse of social grants at Omitara in the Omaheke region on Monday, called on traditional leaders, churches, regional leadership, the ministry’s staff and the Namibian Police Force to, as community representatives start policing social grants.

‘It is important to understand that the provision of social protection services is a fundamental human right, therefore policing the usage of social grants borders towards the abuse of these rights. No law prohibits or directs how social grant beneficiaries should disperse their money’, Jagger said.

Due to the lack of laws or policies to prohibit the misuse of grants, there is thus a need to have constant awareness campaigns and monitoring from
those close to beneficiaries.

In his remarks, Omaheke regional chairperson Igantius Kariseb who initiated the campaign said the initiative was prompted by complaints and concerns from the communities around the region and the whole of Namibia on how beneficiaries are misusing the little they are getting from the government, citing alcohol abuse as one of the main contributing factors to the misuse.

‘The situation on the ground in terms of social grants is disheartening, the government is trying its best for our people to at least get a social grant to improve their livelihood but by the look of things what we see in the region is not the optimal utilisation of these grants, therefore as regional leadership we came up with this initiative to sensitise our people’, Kariseb indicated.

The campaign, which kicked off on Monday, will reach all corners of the Omaheke region before it concludes on Saturday.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency