Isaack appeals for unity to overcome contemporary social challenges

Chief of the |Hai-|Khaua Traditional Authority (TA), Johannes Isaack said for his community to survive and overcome all contemporary social challenges, they need to remain united, strive for self-sustainability and stimulate a sense of pride, hope and dignity in the hearts of their children.

Isaack who made the remarks at Berseba on Saturday during the |Hai-|Khaua 13th annual cultural festival urged his community to use their circumstances and adversities, as fuel for inspiration to make a meaningful contribution towards the development and achievement of their full potential.

‘These trying times have severely affected the poorest of the poor, it has affected the youth, many of whom remain trapped in unemployment and social decay and an emotional feeling of hopelessness. [But] the history of our forebearers clearly reveals that our community has been able to rise from the ashes to rebuild and reconstruct their communities,’ said Isaack.

Meanwhile, Isaack criticised the slow or non-existent implementation o
f the resolutions of the national land conference held in 2018, specifically regarding resettlement.

‘Way too few farms are being purchased for the purpose of resettling our people, to that we also find the criteria used for resettlement problematic. Our understanding was that resettlement was meant to address the issue of dispossession of land by the colonial regimes but the criteria used seem to overlook the issue of who lost land,’ he stressed.

Isaack said amid these challenges leaders have a common responsibility to improve the living conditions of their communities and create a better tomorrow for future generations, citing that he is hopeful and optimistic this can be achieved through the national projects which are to commence in the region such as the green hydrogen, oil and gas and the irrigation schemes.

Chairperson of the Traditional Leaders Council, Gaob Immanuel |Gaseb said cultural festivals are one of the most effective vehicles for ensuring that culture within communities is strengthened.

‘They provide a wonderful celebration that provide a sweet atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment of cultural diversity,’ he said.

He urged the community of Berseba to unite, saying: ‘The time has come to unite and stop the infightings, we need to take hands and move towards peace, we have to accept each other as we are different but we need to get to live together. We blame the government that it does not give solutions but it’s not a government matter, it is our traditional issue, the government recognises the person who is chosen by the community.’

Source: The Namibia Press Agency