Independent state: Palestine seeks Nigeria’s support

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria Abu Shawesh, has called on the Federal Government to use her political weight to convince more countries to recognise Palestine as an Independent state.

The envoy made the call at a news conference on Thursday in Abuja when he addressed newsmen on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war development.

The envoy said recognising Palestine as a state would ease the challenge faced by its citizens in procuring visas.

He said as a heavy weight in international affairs, Nigeria’s voice could go a long way in influencing more recognition for the State of Palestine.

Shawesh said that heavy political weight can hang the balance not only in African continent, but all over the globe.

According to him some European Union (EU) member states recognise Palestine as a state

‘Now we have over 20 or 27 European countries voting for a state of Palestine.

‘In the past 10 days some European countries have recognised Palestine as a state and this is an important move for the visa procurement”, he
told newsmen.

NAN reports that Slovenia became the latest EU country to recognise an Independent State of Palestine after its parliament approved the move with a majority vote earlier on Tuesday.

It would be recalled that Slovenia government last week decided to recognise Palestine as an Independent and sovereign state following the steps of Spain, Ireland and Norway as part of a wider effort to coordinate pressure on Israel to end the conflict in Gaza.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria