‘Geingob landed in Namibia and there was no more fear’: Katjirua

ERINDI-ROMBINDA: Senior traditional councillor in the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority, Gerson Katjirua has said the late Hage Geingob came back from exile in 1989 to liberate Namibia from apartheid South Africa.

Katjirua in an interview with Nampa remembered the late Geingob as ‘a giant’ whom he met in Zambia in the late 1980s during the difficult time of the struggles for independence.

The traditional councillor said when he met Geingob in Zambia, he knew he was a boundless and inclusive leader as he wanted to engage everyone during their meeting there, regardless of any barriers.

‘He would be talking to all of us even though there was a language barrier, we could not understand each other but you could tell he always wanted to start conversations. I can attest with those saying he was a unifier, his aim was always to unite us while he was from a minority group,’ Katjirua said.

‘He came into this country and others thought he would not land in Namibia, thinking the apartheid government would shoot down
their plane. But he landed in this country, took away our fear and ignited hope for independence,’ Katjirua said.

He said Geingob fought a good fight for Namibia, from the time when he was prime minister until he became president, with the aim of putting Namibia on the map and giving it a good name. According to him, Geingob became president when Namibia was economically on its knees, but prioritised social and economic emancipation to benefit all Namibians.

Joseph Uandia, a senior traditional councillor in the Maharero Traditional Authority, meanwhile said Geingob, a well-decorated Namibian leader, must be cherished by everyone regardless of political or social affiliation.

‘We are celebrating the life of the people’s president and we should all celebrate his life, not only a Swapo president or of a certain tribe. He dedicated his time to all Namibians, he worked for the republic,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency