Frederick urges ||Kharas Regional Council staff to be punctual and productive

KEETMANSHOOP: Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick has urged employees of the ||Kharas Regional Council to be punctual and to be productive as their behaviour affects inhabitants of the region.

Addressing a staff meeting of the Directorate of Education, Arts, and Culture on Monday, Frederick expressed her observations of council staff’s behaviour, saying some come to work late and leave early. She said their behaviour deprives inhabitants of the region of effective and efficient service delivery.

‘This government is not only for people in Windhoek, it is for all of us. You are here to serve the people at this level. It is our responsibility to make sure that government services are delivered to the best of our abilities. The minister or the executive director will not come and deliver those services to the people here, we are the ones to do it. There are rules to be followed, follow them,’ she said.

The governor also said while some employees struggle with punctuality, others are punctual, but they are not pro
ductive while at work.

‘Being a faithful servant is not only about coming to work early and leaving late, it’s about being productive, you should have goals at work that you tick off daily when achieved. That way you can be proud when you receive your salary, you cannot be happy to receive a salary you did absolutely nothing for,’ Frederick added.

Also speaking was ||Kharas Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Benedictus Diergaardt, who shared the governor’s sentiments. He urged employees to obey the rules and regulations of the Public Service Act, saying they should not forget the reason they are called public servants is because they should serve the people.

‘You are not doing anyone a favour by being here, you are here to work and in return we pay you a salary… Do your job because if you don’t, the community at large suffers,’ he stressed.

He called on the staff to work together, respect each other and support each other to the best of their abilities.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency