MAPUTO, The Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC) of Mozambique has charged Alberto Chicuamba, a former Mayor of Manhica municipality, about 80 kilometres north of here, for corruption, payment of undue remuneration, economic participation in business and abuse of office and function.

He is one of the two mayors who refused to resign in 2013 when asked to do so by the ruling Frelimo Party, which had no way to force them out. Frelimo was unhappy with his performance and that was the main reason he did not stand for his own succession.

The other one was Jorge Macuacua, then mayor for the municipality of ChokwA.

Chicuamba has as co-defendants the municipality’s former councillor for administration and finance, Andrade Machava, and a technician working for the Financial Department, Anselmo Muhate, according to media reports here. They are charged with the theft of more than 1.1 million meticais (about 18,000 US dollars), none of which has been recovered.

In an unrelated case, the GCCC has accused four civil servants who diverted more than 22 million meticais intended to pay a contractor who built a technical school in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

The accused are two officials from the Treasury and Maputo City Economy and Finance Directorate and two employees from the Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH).

According to the GCCC, the group is accused of crimes of embezzlement, both active and passive corruption, and abuse of office or function. Criminal proceedings were initiated on June 12, 2015 but they were only charged on June 16, and now the case is awaiting trial in a Maputo City court.

According to the GCCC, the defendants devised a plan to manipulate the electronic state financial management system and change the bank domicile of a private company to which MINEDH was to pay the sum of 22 million meticais for the construction of a technical school in Cabo Delgado.

However, instead of paying that company, the accused manipulated the system and transferred the amount to their bank account. Of the total amount, the authorities managed to recover just over 15 million in a co-ordinated action with MINEDH, Treasury and Mozabanco. The money has been returned to the State coffers.