FNLA militants urged to be united – Provincial secretary

The provincial secretary of the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) in Moxico, Martins Coji Dias, defended Thursday in Luena the unity amongst the militants of his party so as to enable them participate in the 2017 general elections, set for August.

Speaking to the press, the politician recognized the existence of some militants who want to destabilize the party, seeking to hinder them to participate in the electoral process.

On that occasion, he called on the militants, sympathizers and friends of FNLA to remain vigilant against all those who intend to destabilize the good functioning of the party.

“This group of militants without legitimacy to make decisions constitutes a group of adventurers who did not succeed in the last Congress held by the party in February 2015”, he said.

The provincial leader of FNLA who spoke in the presence of members of the provincial and national committee of his party insisted that the differences will not contribute to the growth of the party, as he said, they will only create division amongst the militants.

To reserve the situation, he advised militants to mobilize themselves so as to promote actions aimed at reprimanding the “brothers” who are speaking on behalf of FNLA, without the consent of the Party leadership.

“FNLA is a historic party, based on statutes that must be fulfilled by all militants without exception to allow a good organization towards the general elections”, recalled the provincial secretary.

He said that FNLA in Moxico will continue to support the party leaders elected and recognized by the Constitutional Court, promoting actions in line with democratic rules, aiming at the success of the party in the elections.

Source: Angola Press News Agency