Draft General Labour Law approved in specialty

The proposal of the General Labour Law was approved Monday by the 1st, 5th and 10th Commissions of National Assembly, with 28 votes in favour, 13 abstentions and none against.

The document strengthens the harmony in labour relations between workers and employers, and mainly aims to reintroduce a set of rules that were revoked with Law 2/2000, of 11 February, in order to ensure greater balance in defence of the interests of workers and employers.

It re-introduces the employment contract for an undetermined period of time as the rule, and unequivocally assumes the employment contract as the only form of constitution of legal-labour relations.

With the implementation of the catalogue of protection of personality rights, the workers are more protected, under the terms of articles 20 to 27 of the proposal.

The diploma redefines the special employment contracts, focusing on teleworking and on the sports employment contract.

The document also introduces more flexibility in the organisation and duration of work, with stress to the working time regime for student workers and workers with family responsibilities (paternity leave).

The proposed law also assumes the task of the social protection management entity, guaranteeing the payment of sickness or accident benefits for workers who fall under the incapacity regime.

It also clarifies the causes for the illegality of dismissals and the respective consequences, as well as the reconfiguration of the criterion for determining compensation.

With the alteration of the section dedicated especially to women workers, gender equality and non-discrimination are enshrined, with the introduction of complementary maternity leave and social protection against dismissal for objective reasons.

Also the introduction of personality rights in the proposal, especially freedom of expression and opinion, physical and moral integrity, privacy of privacy and protection of personal data.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)