Tondoro Health Centre experiences flooding following heavy thunderstorm

RUNDU: The Tondoro Health Centre in the Kavango West Region reportedly experienced flooding following a heavy thunderstorm on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services’ Executive Director (ED), Ben Nangombe, in a media statement issued on Thursday said no major damage to medical equipment or clinical supplies was recorded.

‘In our assessment, the rainwater that flooded the health centre originated from a water pool that had formed along the nearby gravel road due to inadequate storm water drainage,’ he said.

Areas at the health centre such as the waiting area, reception area, pharmacy storage area, and the delivery room were all waterlogged.

Nangombe said the ministry is working with the Roads Authority to establish mitigatory measures at the health centre.

These includes creating channels to divert storm water from reaching the health centre in the future, as well as erecting barrier walls around the waiting areas and alongside the entrance to the health centre in order to prevent waterloggi
ng caused by thunderstorms.

‘No injuries to patients, staff members or members of the public has been reported in connection to the flood,’ Nangombe said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency