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Mozambique: Schools Should Re-Open With ‘Zero Contamination’

Maputo — Mozambican Education Minister Carmelita Namashalua on Monday expressed her determination that schools should reopen safely, without any danger of transmitting among pupils the coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 respiratory disease. The government’s strategy is to reopen the schools gradually, starting with the 12th, pre-university grade of secondary education, which is taught in 667

Mozambique: No School Without Water Can Re-Open, Says Ministry

Maputo — The Mozambican Ministry of Education has promised that no school will be allowed to reopen, if it does not possess a water supply. All schools, from creches to universities, have been closed for more than three months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government is now moving cautiously towards a phased re-opening of

Mozambique: Epidemiological Study Begins in Nampula

Maputo — The government of the northern Mozambican province of Nampula on Wednesday urged the population of the provincial capital, Nampula city, to collaborate with the health authorities for the success of the epidemiological survey launched that day. The survey takes the form of rapid blood tests to determine the prevalence of the Covid-19 respiratory

Covid-19: SADC establishes back to school rules

  Luanda – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States who want to reopen the educational establishments should establish the minimal and basic requirement of prevention including the availability of hygiene, water and sanitation. This is one of the recommendations from the organization report that ANGOP had access Sunday appealing the members who want

Angola intends to ratify orthographic agreement

Luanda – Foreign Minister Teté António Monday in Luanda said that Angola is working to ratify the 1990 orthographic agreement within the Portuguese-speaking Countries Community (CPLP). The Cabinet minister, who was speaking at the opening of the colloquium on the Portuguese language, said that issues related to some orthographic rules that meet the Angolan linguistic

Unimpressed by Online Classes, College Students Seek Refunds

They wanted the campus experience, but their colleges sent them home to learn online during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, students at more than 25 U.S. universities are filing lawsuits against their schools demanding partial refunds on tuition and campus fees, saying they’re not getting the caliber of education they were promised. The suits reflect students’