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Asian, European Markets Begin Week with Significant Gains

Asian markets are on the rise Monday as more and more nations continue to slowly emerge from the lockdowns imposed to halt the coronavirus pandemic. Tokyo’s Nikkei index closed 0.4% higher, despite news earlier in the day that Japan had technically fallen into recession for the first time since 2010 after two straight quarters of

Europe, Asia Continue Wary Re-Opening

  Spain’s two largest cities remain in coronavirus related lockdowns Sunday as the rest of the country begins slowly reopening. Spain, which currently has recorded the fourth-highest death toll due to the coronavirus in the world, reported a death toll of under 100 people Sunday – the lowest recorded since its lockdown began in mid-March.

COVID Pandemic Weakens National Economies as Countries Continue to Reopen

The coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on national economies, with Germany among its latest victims. The pandemic pushed the European economic powerhouse into a recession in the first quarter, as its economy shrank by 2.2 percent. Germany’s federal statistics agency said Friday the economy’s decline over the last quarter in 2019 was “the

Asian Markets Plummet Thursday

  Asian markets were all trading lower Thursday in reaction to a gloomy assessment about the struggles facing the global economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Japan’s Nikkei index was down 1.5 percent in late afternoon trading, while Hong Kong had lost 1.3 percent.  The indexes in Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney and Taipei were also posting

Countries Worldwide Reopen Regardless of Different Coronavirus Trajectories

  WASHINGTON – Germany passed an important milestone Tuesday: Its coronavirus reproduction rate fell below 1, it said. Public health officials said that as of Tuesday, 100 infected people could now infect 94 others within 24 hours. At Monday’s rate, 100 people could infect 107 others, and on Sunday, 100 people could infect 113. But Germany still saw a spike of new COVID-19 cases Tuesday: 933 compared with 357 on Monday.

European Markets Begin Week in Positive Territory

  European markets are beginning the week on a high note, with all three major indexes making gains in early trading Monday. The FTSE in London and the DAX in Frankfurt are both 0.4% higher, while the CAC-40 in Paris is down slightly at 0.2%. The trading day began with significant gains in Asia, led