Cabinet Council tackles economic, social issues

The 4th Joint session, chaired by the President Jose eduardo dos Santos, is discussing documents from Ministries of Finance, Economy, Agriculture, and Geology and Mining.

The meeting is reviewing the balance execution sheet of the cash plan for January 2017 and the proposed cash plan for March 2017, from Finance Ministry.

As for the Ministry of Economy, the participants are debating on the draft Presidential Decree approving the “Estamos Juntos” programme, related to the Credit Guarantee Fund.

Regarding Agriculture, the session also covers the proposal for a Strategy to Increase the Fertilizer Supply in Angola.

Under discussion is also report on the activity on the implementation of Kassinga Steel Mining project for the Ministry of Geology and Mining.

The session is also analysing the proposal of the Communication Plan of the Angolan Executive for 2017, Grecima’s document.

Report on the progress of the activities carried out, the programme for the construction and launch into orbit of the first Angolan Satellite “ANGOSAT”, are also part of the joint session programme.

Source: Angola Press News Agency