Bengo’s New General Hospital opened

Caxito- The Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço on Monday presided over the grand opening ceremony of the new General Hospital of Bengo, located in the town of Bucula, around five kilometers from the city of Caxito.

The hospital unit, named Reverend Guilherme Pereira Inglês, has a capacity for 200 beds, 15 clinical areas distributed in 24 blocks, six residences for professionals and a hemodialysis center.

The new hospital, which will be a training and scientific research centre, will encompass several services, with emphasis on general medicine, paediatrics and surgery.

The construction of the new general hospital began in July 2021, in an area of 15,900 square meters, under the responsibility of NorÁfrica company, and the government spent about 63 million and 180 thousand dollars.

According to the Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, the hospital was built with the aim of being a reference in humanized care of excellence, scientific research and staff training. The project generated about 650 direct jobs in various categories.

The tertiary level Hospital will ensure the provision of medium and high complexity services, greatly reducing evacuations to Luanda and to foreign country. It will serve the population of Bengo and neighboring provinces.

Tribute to the reviewing Guilherme Inglês

Revendo Guilherme Inglês was a nationalist, religious, political leader and social activist. He marked the process of affirmation of the ideals of freedom in which the national liberation struggle that defeated colonialism was anchored.

Father of the former secretary of the Angolan Women’s Organization (OMA), Luzia Inglês, he was born on February 28, 1906, in Samba Lukala, Cuanza-Norte province, and dedicated himself, throughout his life, to the development of schools and boarding schools, offering education and training for youth.

Bengo’s health network

The province’s health network consists of six municipal hospitals, two general hospitals, 22 health centers, one maternal and child hospital, and 73 health posts.

The province of Bengo has 105 specialty interns, 26 expatriate specialist doctors, 29 national specialist doctors, one thousand and 477 nurses, 398 diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, 158 in general regime, 237 hospital support, making a total of two thousand and 430 health technicians.

Source: Angola Press News Agency