Civil service absorbs over 811,000 employees

Around 811,000 workers, including military and paramilitary personnel, are currently included in the State’s Integrated Financial Management System, the Minister of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, Teresa Dias, said on Monday.

Teresa Dias disclosed the figure when delivering her speech at the opening of the National Meeting of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, stating that in the management and control of civil service personnel, there were 398,815 employees until in 2018.

That number, she explained, fluctuated over the period under review, with a total of 399,820 employees by 2022.

She said, on the other hand, that the approval and entry into force, in 2022, of the Basic Civil Service Law, has allowed this ministerial department to reduce the probationary period from five to one year.

This enabled to include all agents in the permanent staff of administrative staff under contract, in total of 7,200, in addition to the transfer of employees from the special scheme to the general scheme, without the need for an appeal public tender.

“We would like to point out that the Executive also worked on the approval of Presidential Legislative Decree No. 3/22, of May 12, which established the general principles relating to the organisation and application of the indicative structure of the salary grids, as well as subsidies or additional remuneration from the Civil Service,” she stressed.

The Minister recalled that, as part of the training of civil servants and workers in the public sector of companies, the National School of Administration and Public Policies (ENAPP) trained 44,905 agents, having exceeded the target of 32,000 established in the National Development Plan (PDN).

The National Meeting on Public Administration, Labour and Social Security gathered members of the Executive, social partners, academics, journalists, among other guests.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)