Angolan government announces plans to increase Kwenda value

Angolan government has announced plans to increase the value of the Social Protection Strengthening Programme “Kwenda, from the current AKz 8,000 to AKz 11,000 kwanzas, the president of the Social Support Fund (FAS) Belarmino Jelembi announced Thursday.

The value is made available every three month and is designed to assist poor families, with each (family) receiving a quarterly amount of AKz 25,000, accounting for AKz 8,000 per month.

Launched in 2020, Kwenda programme is an Angolan Government initiative aimed to reduce poverty.

Speaking at the end of the first ordinary meeting of “Kwenda” programme, Jelembi put at AKz 33 billion as the amount spent so far on the implementation of the programme, in support for more than 600,000 families across the country.

He also announced plans to increase the number of beneficiaries to contribute to the improvement of the social and living conditions of this group of the society.

According to the FAS director, the programme has so far registered one million households, with 600,000 already benefiting from income transfers. “These numbers, some have not yet received any monetary transfer, others have already benefited two or three times, due to the time of registration of the families, that is, there are families still to get registered”, he said.

The prgramme, estimated at USD 420 million, is funded by the World Bank with USD 320 million, with USD 100 million coming from the National Treasury.

The programme is currently being implemented in the country’s 18 provinces, 61 municipalities, 214 communes and over 90 neighborhoods and villages. LIN/ASS

Source: Angola Press News Agency