Angola: Angonix records country’s internet access peak

Luanda – The platform Angonix “Internet Exchange Point (IXP) run by Angola Cables’ recorded its greatest traffic flow of 5.2 gbps last February19 on a Sunday, Angop learnt on Thursday in Luanda.

According to Angola Cables’ data that reached Angop, it results from technologies investment and price drop in the telecommunication services, thus displaying the country’s internet use growth trend.

To Angonix project manager, Darwin Costa, the peak reached 5.2 gbps on a Sunday, contrary to working days that the value varies around 1.3 g to 2.6g motivated by offers of the local household fiber services operators, which has positively contributed to the service access and its resulting traffic growth during the weekend.

The platform intends to change the internet panorama in Africa until the end of 2018, as the Atlantic South Cable System (SACS) will connect Luanda, Angola capital, to Fortaleza in Brasil.

Source: Angola Press News Agency