Amukwiyu calls on youth to step up

Oshikoto regional coordinator for Swapo, Armas Amukwiyu said it is time for youth to rise as they have been groomed by the Swapo Party to take up positions of governance at all levels.

Amukwiyu made the remarks on Saturday during the Oshikoto Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) executive committee meeting underway at Oniipa, quoting that with privilege comes great responsibility.

According to Amukwiyu, they must uphold the highest standards of party discipline, symbolising unity of purpose and action in everything they do.

He indicated that as bona fide members of the Swapo Party, they carry the legacy of struggle, the legacy of sacrifice, and the legacy of victory.

‘We fought tirelessly, shedding blood, sweat, and tears, to secure our political independence. And now, as we enter the second phase of our struggle, we must channel our energies towards the economic and diplomatic battles that lie ahead,’ he said.

He urged the party youth not to forget the core principles of their party ideology – ‘Socialism with Namibian characteristics’ – which means defeating ethnic divisions and identifying first and foremost as Namibians.

‘It means fighting relentlessly against corruption and all social ills that threaten our developmental goals,’ he added.

Amukwiyu also reminded the youth that as they approach the November 2024 general elections, they should remember the power of voting, and should mobilise their fellow youth, ensuring that every eligible voter is registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia.

He called on the youth to champion the candidacy of Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, the Swapo Party Presidential candidate and make people understand that she will not lead alone; she will lead with the full support of the Swapo Party, its structures, and its systems.

Meanwhile SPYL leader assigned to Oshikoto, Willem Amutenya indicated that young people make up 71.1 per cent of the national population.

He said this clearly means the electoral decision is in the hands of young people.

‘We should work harder for fellow young people, for the Swapo Party and our presidential candidate to emerge victorious and continue with its legacy,’ he said.

Amutenya stressed that Swapo has entered into a contract with the people of Namibia through its manifesto – and they all have the responsibility to work towards its fulfilment.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency